Types of Gasoline Mazda 6

Types of Gasoline Mazda 6 Uses to Function Optimally

The Mazda 6 is a best-selling midsize sedan because of its sleek exterior, powerful engine options, and cutting-edge safety and entertainment systems. Knowing the many kinds of fuel a Mazda 6 can use and the elements that impact your decision is important since it is a car that appeals to a broad variety of drivers. This page will discuss the types of gasoline Mazda 6 uses to function optimally. Furthermore, we will go into the considerations involved in making this crucial choice.

Key Highlights

To summarize, the 2.3L engine available in the first generation is the lone exception; it requires premium unleaded petrol of grade 91. Reformulated gasoline fuel (RFGs) can be used. The allowed percentage of ethanol mixed with gasoline is equal to or less than 10%. Moreover, the only additive allowed is the “top-tier detergent gasoline”. Flex-fuel E-85 is not allowed to be used.

Types of Gasoline Mazda 6 Uses for All Model Years

The gasoline types used for each vehicle vary. It majorly depends on the type of engine a vehicle has. It could be a either a gasoline-based engine or a diesel-based engine. all the content that covered here for you is from credible sources such as; Mazda 6 owner’s manual. Gasoline types vary per model year of Mazda 6. Hence, let’s move further and explore more about the types of gasoline Mazda 6 uses to function optimally.

Mazda 6 Model Years 2013 to Present

The current 3rd generation Mazda 6 debuted the same year (2013). This happened after Mazda’s Mazda 6 had already won over the hearts of many people shopping for midsize sedans. The Mazda 6 deserves the praise it receives on YouTube for its attractive styling and functional features.

There is just a 2.5 L engine option for the current model. Standard on the lowest models is a 2.5 L 4-cylinder engine. Additionally, the pricier models include turbocharging. The standard model has 194 horsepower (HP), while the turbocharged one has 227 Horsepower.

Mazda recommends using gasoline with a minimum of 87 octane-rated gasoline, according to the owner’s handbook. Both engines use this as their default.

Mazda 6 Model Years 2007 to 2013

When the second-generation Mazda 6 debuted in 2007, it came with a choice between two gas-powered options. The Mazda 6 came with either a 2.5 L four-cylinder or 3.7-L 6-cylinder engine, depending on the trim level. According to the Mazda 6 owner’s handbook, both engines could function with fuels with an essential octane value of 87.

Again, we stress the need of using gasoline with a high octane rating for optimal engine’s performance and longevity.

Mazda 6 Model Years 2002 to 2007

In 2002, Mazda debuted the first iteration of the 6 sedan. The fact that Mazda 6 has been in production for twenty years through three generations is evidence of the brand’s enduring appeal. Despite of a high competition, the mid-size car market continues to hold steady.

The first-generation Mazda 6 was produced with three various engines. The base engine was a 2.3 L four-cylinder making 166 hp, while the more powerful 3.0-liter 6-cylinder made 220 hp. A 2.3 L four-cylinder turbo model was also available.

Mazda recommends using gasoline with 91 octane-grading for the 2.3 L turbo-charged engine. This is the gold standard in our opinion. However, Mazda thinks an 87 octane rating is acceptable for both the engines. If you want more power and longer engine life, though, you should use fuel with a greater rate of octane.

Unleaded Gasoline (with 87 Octane-rating):

Unleaded, regular gasoline with an octane value of 87 is the most frequent fuel used in Mazda 6s. This gasoline choice is often the cheapest at petrol stations and is generally accessible. The Mazda 6’s engine is calibrated to provide optimum performance while using regular gasoline, striking the ideal balance between performance and economy. Regular unleaded gasoline is probably the best option if you use your Mazda 6 for everyday commute and routine driving. Other vehicles such as Ford Mustang also uses similar gasoline types.

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Unleaded Premium Gasoline (91 or greater Octane-rated):

Mazda 6’s majority of the models require a premium “91 octane-graded gasoline”. Additionally, it is required especially for those with turbocharged engines. Using premium gasoline may improve performance, particularly in turbocharged vehicles, due to its higher knock resistance. The owner’s handbook for your Mazda 6 is your best resource for information on the correct gasoline type for your vehicle, especially if it has a turbocharged engine. Premium unleaded petrol may be more expensive, but it has the potential to increase both power output and fuel economy in vehicles that can use it.

Factors Influencing Your Choice

When deciding which type of gas to use in your Mazda 6, several factors come into play:

Engine Type:

As was previously discussed, the kind of engine in your Mazda 6 is crucial in deciding the appropriate gasoline. It’s possible that turbocharged engines and high-performance variations benefit from using greater octane-leveled gasoline.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations:

If you want to know what kind of gas your Mazda 6 takes, the manual is your best bet. Your car will last longer and operate better if owner’s manual is consulted. Using a poor quality or a lower octane-graded gasoline may lead to the production of knocking of engine.

Driving Habits:

You should think about your Mazda 6 use. Standard unleaded gasoline should be acceptable if you just drive in the city and commute. However, premium fuel might be worthwhile if you routinely push the car to its limits or haul hefty loads.

Local Fuel Availability:

Premium gasoline with higher octane ratings may not be as widely accessible as ordinary unleaded gasoline. Check to see whether the gasoline you need is readily available.

Performance Preferences:

Using the appropriate premium gasoline in your turbocharged Mazda 6 may increase acceleration and responsiveness if performance is a top priority.


In conclusion, the types of gas a Mazda 6 takes can vary based on factors such as engine type, manufacturer recommendations, driving habits, and local fuel availability. Standard, an unleaded, gasoline with 87 octane-grading, that too unleaded, is suitable for most Mazda 6 models.

 However, some versions of the Mazda 6, chiefly with turbo-charged engines, may benefit from using premium unleaded gasoline with a higher octane rating.

Always consult your owner’s manual beforehand making a decision on the type of gas to use in your Mazda 6. Ensure that vehicle functions at its greatest, bringing the performance and reliability Mazda enthusiasts have come to expect.

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