common issues of Infiniti QX60

10 Most Common Issues of Infiniti QX60

The Infiniti QX60 is a high-end crossover SUV that has proven to be very popular because to its attractive combination of luxury, performance, and utility. The Infiniti QX60, like any other car, is focus to wearing and tearing with time. While it is still a popular option, existing and potential possessors need to be aware of the most typical issues that might arise with this car. We are going to cover 10 most common issues of Infiniti QX60 in this article for you.


To summarize, transmission issues are the most prevalent complaint about the Infiniti QX60. There were a number of transmission problems with the 2014-2017 versions. Furthermore, there were problems with the hybrid propulsion system and airbags in the 2014–2016 versions, and problems with the front collision advanced system and the anti-lock brakes in the 2017–2019 vehicles. Lastly, Sunroofs and rear cameras often fail in 2018-2019 models. 

1. Transmission Issues:

The transmission issues are often mentioned by QX60 owners as a source of frustration. Transmission problems include delayed gear engagement, jerky shifting, and outright failure. Major transmission issues may be avoided with preventative maintenance like oil changes and paying attention to any warning indications.

common issues of Infiniti QX60


2. Power Steering Leaks:

Leaks of power steering fluid have been reported in certain QX60 vehicles. Additionally, loss of fluid pressure may reduce the effectiveness of the power steering, making it more difficult to steer. In order to prevent accidents, drivers should keep track of the power steering fluid level and get any leaks fixed as soon as conceivable.

3. Premature Brake Wear:

Premature brake wear has been noted by many QX60 owners. The life of the braking system may be prolonged with routine maintenance, such as checking the brake pads and rotors and fixing any braking issues, such as strange sounds or vibrations.

4. Noisy Suspension:

The QX60’s suspension has a tendency to develop noises like rattles, clunks, grinding and squeaks after extensive use. Moreover, deteriorated suspension parts or ill-fitting accessories may be to blame for these sounds. Hence, maintaining your vehicle and replacing damaged components as necessary can keep everything running smoothly and quietly.

5. Electrical Problems:

Some QX60s have been criticized for having electrical difficulties that make features like the power windows and door locks inoperable and the numerous warning lights on the dashboard ineffective. Electrical trouble may be hard to see and much harder to fix, so it’s best to call in the experts. Other version of Infiniti such as Infiniti Q50 has similar issues.

6. Infotainment System Glitches:

Occasionally, the QX60’s infotainment system may have bugs, freezes, or becomes unresponsive. Fixing such problems often requires a factory reset or making sure the system’s software is up to date.

7. Air Conditioning Malfunctions:

The air conditioning system in certain QX60s has been problematic, either providing insufficient cooling or failing entirely. Air conditioner efficiency may be maintained by routine maintenance and the repair of any leaks in the refrigerant.

8. Sunroof Drainage Blockages:

Some QX60s have been reported to suffer interior leaks owing to blocked sunroof drainage ducts. Water seepage may be avoided by keeping the drainage channels clean.

9. Engine Oil Consumption:

Some QX60 drivers have reported high oil consumption, which may be due to damaged piston-rings or seals of the valves, among other issues. It is significant to have a check for the oil level and fix any leaks right once to keep the train in good working order.

10. Premature Timing Chain Wear:

Some QX60 vehicles have a timing chain that wears out too quickly, which may cause poor performance or even complete engine’s catastrophe. Moreover, avoiding costly repairs is as simple as keeping up with routine maintenance and resolving any strange engine sounds right away.

The Infiniti QX60 Worst Year

If cared for correctly, an Infiniti QX60 may easily reach 120k to 150k kilometers in mileage. Moreover, known for its robust engine and plush cabin, this all-wheel-drive crossover stands out. The Infiniti QX60 is a trustworthy vehicle in general, but there are model years you should steer clear of if you value your wallet.

The Infiniti QX60 had its worst years between the 2014 and 2016 model years. Difficult to cope issues plagued these vehicles and included things like malfunctioning hybrid-propulsion systems and airbags. A number of product recalls were issued during this time period to address persistent issues. This model’s gearbox often had problems and required expensive repairs.

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The Infiniti QX60 Best Year

The model year 2020 is the finest for the Infiniti QX60. This is the safest vehicle on the market because to state-of-the-art technology including autonomous brake assistance, monitoring of blind-spot, and pure neon LED headlights.

Fixed for the Issues in Infiniti QX60

In the event of a serious problem, it is recommended that you take your car to a professional technician or an authorized Infiniti service shop. Some basic methods of problem solving are outlined below.

Find the source of the issue:

Take note of any dashboard warning lights, as well as any strange noises, odors, or decreased performance. This will aid in eliminating some of the possible explanations.

Verify the instructions manual:

The systems, maintenance, and troubleshooting advice in the owner’s handbook are invaluable. Check it out if you need help figuring out how to fix a certain issue.

Simple upkeep inspections:

Many issues may be avoided with regular maintenance. Fluids such as oils, coolants, or brake fluid, and transmission-fluid must all be tested. Check the tire’s pressure and the total condition of your tires.

Power source and electrical framework:

If you are having trouble starting your automobile or if any of the electrical components aren’t working, check the battery voltage, look for corrosion on the battery connections, and check the fuses and relays.

Take care of the alarms:

An OBD-II scanner may be used to read diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) if dashboard warning lights come on. Hence, the meanings of these codes may provide light on the problem at hand.

Check it out visually:

Check for any obvious evidence of damage or wear on the car’s exterior and interior.

Deal with widespread problems:

Try looking up symptoms of typical Infiniti QX60 issues to see if any of them apply to what you’re experiencing. However, possible solutions or product recalls have already been announced.

Get some expert advice:

 Your Infiniti QX60 is best serviced at an authorized Infiniti service facility or by a qualified technician for any serious problems or repairs that need specific equipment.

Always be on top of routine upkeep:

However, many issues may be avoided and your automobile kept operating smoothly by adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule.

Hence, never put your own safety at risk by attempting to diagnose and repair a mechanical issue you may have with your vehicle. They are armed with the data and means necessary to make accurate assessments and repairs.


To conclude, because it strikes a good mix between sportiness and comfort, the Infiniti QX60 has maintained its popularity among shoppers seeking luxury crossover SUVs. Regular maintenance, paying attention to warning signals, and getting repairs done when they’re needed will help assure a smooth ownership experience despite the car’s fair share of frequent issues. If you’re having serious trouble with your QX60, it’s best to take it in to a skilled mechanic or an authorized Infiniti repair location.

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